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        1-10V模擬調光電子鎮流器   首頁 > 產品目錄 > 飛利浦>熒光燈調光電子鎮流器系列>1-10V模擬調光電子鎮流器
        HF-Regulator II for TL5 lamps

        Flat, lightweight high-frequency electronic regulating ballast, using 1-10V protocol for TL5 fluorescent lamps
        • The lamp power can be dimmed from 1 to 100% via the Analog control input (in accordance with the 1-10 V industry standard)
        • Compliant with European and Asian norms and suitable for emergency lighting systems
        • HF operation improves light quality, lamp lifetime
        • Combined with controls, additional energy savings can be achieved
        • Programmed start: flicker-free ignition < 0.5 seconds and striation-free operation, no stroboscopic effects. Preheating the lamp electrodes enables the lamps to be switched on and off without reducing life
        • Smart power ensures constant light, independent of mains fluctuations
        • Up to 60% reduction in energy consumption by using automatic lighting control systems
        • Stop circuit is activated within 5 seconds in the event of lamp failure (safety stop), and ballast resets automatically after lamp replacement

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