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        About TX:  TX is a professional product supplier of lamp and ballast component for Luminair manufacturers in the lighting industry. Authorized as the Server Provider of Philips Lighting China OEM channel, TX is supplying more than 300 luminair manufactories with various certified lamp and gear component for overseas market (including CE/UL/KEMA, etc.). Embedded with the company vision of “Green Lighting, Intelligent Lighting”, and responding to the call for Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reduction, TX is the leading company in the industry to promote energy saving lighting components, including various LED light sources/drivers, Cosmopolis solution (Philips new generation white light road lighting system) as well as various kinds of electronic dimming ballast, which had been widely adopted in applications like: commercial freezer, road lighting, offices & hotels, and commercial light, etc. Meanwhile, keeping pace with the industry trends, TX aggressively co-works with worldwide EMC companies (Energy Management Contract) to speed up the promotion of energy-saving lighting solutions. We believe, with the professional products and services we are contributing to the market, TX is and will continue to be one of the best lighting product and service providers in the lighting industry. We are honored to act as the bridge between branded component manufacturers and luminaire manufacturers, application specifiers for a great mutual business success.



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